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About Us 

Sian Aggett

Hi, I'm Sian (pronounced Shan like the Bollywood singer). I am a participatory arts and engagement practitioner interested in bringing people and their creativity together to exchange ideas, explore and raise consciousness (including my own) of some of the big questions and problems we face in today's world. 

I am also a doctoral researcher at Sussex University in the UK and will be documenting Jeevan Jal as part of my thesis. This will explore how thinking from across cultures, belief systems, and academic disciplines (such as Global Health, Art and Anthropology) can be brought together respectfully to enrich our stories, invite new ways of thinking and help us to relate to one another around issues we face. In this case, the issue is the health of water how that relates to our own health in Patan, Lalitpur.

I see creativity and play as serious business, especially when exploring the full dimensions of such complex questions and potential futures. I have a background that transgresses borders and boundaries: in participatory practices, biological science and public and community engagement with science. I have a degree in Biology with Media, a masters in International Development. I have worked for the past fifteen years in informal education settings such as the Natural History and Science Museums in London and more recently managed the International Engagement Funding programme at the Wellcome Trust who are funding both my research and Jeevan Jhal through the Society and Ethics scheme. 

I am grateful to live in a time where we don't have to talk about the arts and science as separate endeavours anymore. I choose to bring all tools out of the toolbox to see what positive things we can do in the world together.


Megha Vaidya

Megha Vaidya

I have learnt a lot along my journey so far, having worked as a writer for Navyaata and Folio magazines and as an educational tour guide for a Climate Change Arts and Education Program to where I am now, working as an instructor for Bookbus.  I am currently also working to support Jeevan Jhal as a co-facilitator and translator. Life so far has been a process of learning by experiment which has planted and watered an enthusiasm in me to learn more. Jeevan Jhal came as an amazing opportunity to bag further new experiences.


Water has been a key issue in Nepal for quite a time now. I feel privileged to be part of a project which explores changes  local communities are facing in relation to water, with the threat of its scarcity now and in the future. I hope that participation will help me explore and share experiences on these issues. 

What makes me get up in the morning?

The notion of getting inspired makes me want to wake up in the morning


Things that I am proud of are...

That I am hardworkingI am dependable and I have an open perspective on life


I am proud of Nepal for...

Our religious tolerance, the richness of our arts and craft, our glorious history, and the beauty and hospitable environment of Nepal


If I had three wishes they would be...

I wish I could get inspired to be devoted to work in a particular field in life

I wish I could contribute to research work in environmental science

I wish I could be a successful environmental entrepreneur.


I joined Jeewan Jal because...

I wanted to be involved in research and community work.

Anu Rai

Mila Shakya

What makes me get up this morning?
I enjoy travelling to different places, hanging out with friends, listning to music, dancing and many more things. 
Things that I am proud of are...
I am empathic, happy, hardworking and patient.
I am proud of Nepal because...
Of its mesmerising natural beauty and humble people.
f I had three wishes they would be...
To make my parents proud of me
To have happines for humanity all over the world
I wish there could be peace and prosperity in our country.
The reason I got involved in Jeewan Jal was...
It will help me to develop myself in various ways such as meeting new people, being involved in community work and learning different things from different people. 

Mila Shakya

What makes me get up in the morning ?


I am surrounded by beautiful loving people who energize me every day. They motivate me and push me to make my every day count.  


I am most proud of..


I have been involved in programs supporting underprivileged children.  Seeing them progress makes me really proud of my contribution. Another thing that makes me proud of myself is my subject choice (Environment Science) for higher education. Being an environment enthusiast I can really contribute to science and the society.  


I am  proud of Nepal because of...


Our  culture and our rich ethnic diversity. Even after the diversity, we are extremely hospitable and joyous people.  


If I had three wishes they would be... 


To see peaceful world and want everyone to be happy  

To have a creative learning system for all  

To have better living conditions for all living beings.  


Why were you interested in joining Jeewan Jal 


Jeewan Jal project states human health and water health problems to the local community in a creative way. The project also brings a new approach by collaborating with people from different sectors giving different ideas. This will really be helpful for me to broaden my horizon. Jeewal Jal project will help me learn many things from professionals and the community at the same time.  





What makes me get up in the morning? 

I love when I wake up with the first line for a poem or an idea for a story. I love when my dog gently nudges me awake. I get really excited to travel, to meet close friends for coffee, to spend time with my family, to read the pile of books by my bedside, to drink tea, to write emails and letters to friends who live far, to learn more about my country and it's many cultures (I have so much to learn!).


I am proud of..

My love of learning, I am proud of my love of learning about people (and remembering little details about them), I am proud of how excited I get about things I am passionate about.


I am proud of Nepal's..

...multicultural, multiethnic, and diverse population. I am proud of how varied Nepal is geographically (and how beautiful it is). I am proud of our fondness for colours, celebrations, rituals, food and stories. 


If I had three wishes they would be...

I have a lot of hopes and things I wish for but I don't like to dwell on these thoughts too much because it makes me feel silly. I'd probably ask for a flying carpet though! 


I was interested to join Jeewan Jal because...

of several reasons but I'd say my strongest motive was my interest in archival of individuals' stories and how they may or may not relate to the larger picture. On  top of that, Jeewan Jal will deal with a very important topic: water. Water is a complex issue and everyone on earth has a personal relation to it in one way or the other. Exploring how the people of Patan feel about this topic will be an interesting exploration of not only the collective psyche but also how different people feel about the same topic. 



Devashree Niraula 

Malashree Suvedi

What gets me up in the morning?

Cool, fresh air blowing through my window makes me feel something touching my cheeks and feel cool.The ting tong sound of bells and chanting from nearby temple wakes me up. I enjoy walking early in the morning with the rhythm of chirping of birds. I feel nasty when i hear noisy and crowdy environment early in the morning hour.


I am proud of myself because...

I always accept myself what I am. My honesty, my loyalness and my simplicity makes myself feel special.


I am proud of Nepal because

My nation is my pride. Small but peaceful and the lovely, wonderful nature with variety of culture and traditions which is a great asset. The people of my country are helpful, honest and intimate that makes me feel better.


My three wishes are...

Every citizen of my country be happy and enjoy their valuable life meaningfully. i feel very bad when i see poor and helpless people beside road and street.


To be young and energetic ever as it is now, cause I want to enjoy the life tackling new challenges, serving the society and enjoying it.

To be an intellectual person.


I got involved in Jeewan Jal because

Jeevan Jal means "Water for life". The name clearly illustrates the theme of this project. Every aspect of every life is linked to water. So jeevan jal is a good platform for me to interact with different people from diverse background and observe the society on the real ground. I even don't know how creative I am. So, I hope I can seek the creativity inside me and enhance it through the collaboration with this team. I hope the learning and experience which will be gained through this project would further help me in my professional career later.


Bindu Gurung

Jemie Shrestha

What makes me get up in the morning?

With the rise of the sun in the morning is also the  rise of energy and being optimistic for the whole day. For me getting up in the morning is a fresh start of the day and making the worst of yesterday to better of today for best of tomorrow. My day begins with cheerful and supporting family and friend's wishes and warm smiles to face my day.


I am proud that..

At a very young age, I am very lucky to work with many Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) whose goals differ from each other and learned a lot from it. Also, I am proud of working as national volunteer after the 2015 Earthquake in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Nepal in Dolakha ( the epicenter of the earthquake) Receiving appreciation from Government  is my proudest moment to be cherished.


I am glad to have parents who support and encourage me to choose subjects which I believe I can do a lot with and to have given me this freedom. Many parents pressurize their children taking their decisions for them but for me my parents have the broad minded even though I am a girl.


I am proud of Nepal because...

Nepal is not only known for Mountains and Buddha, for me, Nepal also makes me proud of the friendly and good natured people. We Nepalese are known for optimism and kindness. Also, the diversity in culture, there is the sense of "Diversity in Unity" where all Nepalese are tied together which will never break or be untied. 


If I had three wishes they would be...

To work as the UN Ambassador for Nepal  for which I will work really hard to make come true. Secondly, I would like to win a Nobel Peace Prize or CNN hero for my work. Thirdly, I really wish the bond between all human beings is not killed by money for terrorism but let that be killed by forgiveness and kindness.


I was interested in joining Jeewan Jal...

As I have been living in Patan area for quite a long time I didn't know Patan was a center for diseases like diarrhea or typhoid. I want to contribute my time and passion for community service, making Patan a better place to live.  This project has diverse people to join from health to art sector for which the result will be really fruitful. 


What gets me up in the morning? 

Morning is the time to think of everything afresh. Positivity and creation makes me wake up leaving all the pain of night. New days bring a new changes and new changes means surprises and I love surprises.


Things that I am proud of are..

  • Working with children is best thing I think I ever did

  • Always trying to be good with people

  • Caring about nature and our surroundings


Things that make me proud of Nepal...

  • Local crazy community and their hospitality and calmness

  • The links between nature and culture

  • Everything


If I had three wishes they would be...

  • Nature and community be close like what they used to be in past

  • Every living being having a common language for communication

  • Children will always be children


Why I was interested in joining Jeewan Jal

I really want to be close to nature and community and water is the most important aspect for linkage between them. Despite working with community has been always interesting for me.

Ragendra Nath Shrestha

What makes me get up in the morning?

Every morning, I wake up with the hope of learning something new and creative. I enjoy listening to music, I love drawing and making art and crafts. My morning starts with a fresh cup of tea surrounded by lovely people i.e. my family, who always support and guide me to the right path in life.


I am proud of myself because…

I am a dedicated and hardworking girl and am curious to learn new things. I am simple, positive and optimistic. I am patient and I don’t take decision in a hurry.


Things that make me proud of Nepal are…

Nepal is a country with mesmerizing natural beauty. Nepal is a country where people of multiple culture, multiple languages and multiple religions live together. I am proud of its religious and cultural heritages, arts, monuments, festivals, rituals, traditional dresses, ornaments etc.


My wishes would be…

-To see Nepal as a developed and independent nation where it isfree from political issues,corruption,blackmarket and blockade.

-To be a successful person and achieve excellence in the field in which I enter.

-To see my family happy forever and make them proud of me.


I was interested in joining Jeewan Jal because...

The project Jeewan Jal deals with water and life of people. Being a part of this project will be an interesting and fruitful experience as it brings community work and art together. Being Involved in this project would increase community participation skills and team spirit as well as confidence in doing group activities.Therefore, I plan to dedicate and contribute my time and energy to this project which is a mixture of art, community work and research.


Jari Shakya


I get up in the morning with an intention of learning something new and make a better change, therefore I explore wherever I can reach up to, meet people, communicate with them and gain more knowledge and I research for the unsolved mysteries. Moreover, I look for opportunities where I can perform and gain intensive skills and knowledge. I feel happy when I am thanked for helping, so I always look forward in helping other with their work or problems (if any). Making someone happy from unhappy is the moment I enjoy most in life.


I am a survivor. I survived from a Nasopharynx Cancer that happened when I was 9. I feel proud to say I beat Cancer. Though treatment and its aftermath was very tough where many people fail to adapt unique life-style, I did it and I got cured. So I am a “Doer” and also a “Believer” because I believed in me and I always believe in Karma which suggests that you will never fail if you are doing it. I believe I can do something that keeps the world happy and I will do it.


I studied at University of Sunderland and had many international friends who praised my country for many factors and made me feel proud. Overall, I feel proud that our brothers are still devoting themselves in Gurkha Army to maintain peace, all Nepalese who have been very kind and generous to tourists in our country and unity that we have for our nation. I am also proud to have Nature’s gift of high mountains, wildlife and natural resources that stays in our country. As all these resources being ours, it is our duty to maintain and preserve it.


Water is the most important element for this planet, we have evolved, developed and lived because of water. We have been using the most essential resources for granted and misused it to the highest level. I am joining in Jeewan Jal to protect, preserve and promote awareness of water resources relating its affect on living beings. I believe project- “Jeewan Jal” is an opportunity to make me and my country feel proud again and I wish this to happen for sure. Further, I wish for such opportunities to come over again and make this world a better place.


Ayushman Shrestha

Suiren Shakya

What gets me up in the morning? 

The excitement of the new day wakes me up, "What's new this day", and to live different to yesterday. There is so much going on in the world I gotta see it. 

Or be a part of it!! 


I am most proud of...

My parents and myself. I never expected myself to be what I am today. I really respect "the will to do" that's inside of me. I am proud of people I meet and have gotten to know the world from their point of view.


What makes me most proud of Patan?

The treasures of Patan; The architecture, the monuments, the culture and specially the People, their behavior and love towards their beliefs.


My wishes are...

To know and fulfil the desire that's deep inside of me. I think it's to be free from some 

invisible bindings. 

To live up to my family's expections of me.

To increase the beauty of Nepal and explore to the fullest. I thnik I can make it happen by starting my own travel agency. meeting travelers and knowing more about the counrty from their eyes.


Why did  I get involved in Jeewan Jal?

To learn and and also I think it answers to the question of what gets me up in the morning. 


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