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A Group Meditation on Creativity

What is creativity?

“Creating something from nothing,

Something is always creative, nothing isn’t!”

“We think creativity is creating nothing into something or something into something new. “

“Yes. Or you could say converting useless things into useful. Like say when women make dolls from socks and rice. I think that’s creativity. “

“Discovering new things, thinking out of the box and being dynamic and flexible.”

“Its something you do by yourself”

“We talked about creativity and think it is something that makes our lives comfortable and different and it needs not be impactful. It may not have use apart from that we enjoy ourselves. ”

“Its not just art it can be the smallest idea.”

“I would also like to take about this selfish creativity like we have ideas and we develop ideas but we don’t know how to share it because we don’t have resources to make those ideas come into picture. Like watching movies we get ideas and we have them and we want to picture it out and take it to community but we don’t have much of resources, like there is no camera”

“But then we don’t always want to share it with others. I don’t want to share it!”

“Its also scary to share your creativity too isn’t it? Its a big risk isn’t it?”

So does creativity have to have a purpose?

“No, it doesn’t have to be impactful in a bigger scale. But if you enjoy something by writing it or if it helps you get through something then that’s purpose enough. So yes, creativity needs a purpose but doesn’t have to be like a big purpose.”

“Creativity is something that you develop because of the necessity. If you need something then you can use creativity of sometimes it comes itself. If it is something that comes to you in your dreams then it is not something that you are doing …”

“It is purposeless. It can be as non-directional and random as possible and I think that you enjoy it if you think it makes things different. If it makes a difference for you then I think it is creative.”

“Creativity, with a purpose with some other facts then its an invention. But if you can get some kind of product or good that is useful then its an invention. Its something useful.”

“…They say necessity is the mother of all invention so while freedom also burns into creative action but perhaps necessity feeds into the creative activity. Sometimes people might create a poem or invent a telescope only because they have to. So I don’t think its just freedom. Its about how much freedom you allow yourself to have and so you may think about freedom of inventing things or doing a new thing that you have never done or seeing something in a different light but it doesn’t have to be complete freedom… like, ‘Ok, do whatever!’…”

“Yeah, actually a lot of things have been invented when they were meant for something else and it didn’t work.”

"Yeah, You know post-it notes? I think they came because someone making bad Glue…

… and coca cola…it was first made for cleaning toilets! I read it somewhere!"

Ok, so when do you feel most creative?

“I think creativity comes more when your brain is at rest.”

“Yes when you aren’t thinking about other things.”

“A few weeks back I went to the 10 day meditation. For ten days we were not allowed to talk to anyone!”

“Oh My God, Hats off to you!”

“And in those ten days I had like so many ideas came to me and like when I came out of that I had so many things in my head, so many ideas!”

“For me, its like when it’s a panic situation, ideas burst When the deadline is more near more ideas come up.”

“For me its both, sometimes when I’m really calm and sometimes…I’m not a big meditator…because, I don’t know…sometimes if I meditate a story comes up but most times its if I’m restless or in panicking mode…So its just random”

Did you feel creative at school?

“Yeah, in maths lessons. Because I didn’t understand anything so I zoned out.”

“Maths and Physics…”


And this is not because you were paying attention this is because you were zoning out?




“So, I liked History and English and Nepali and things like that so I never zoned out and so I was never super creative in those classes….”

Why do we think of art as especially creative?

“We don’t need words to express our ideas”

We don’t need words?

“Words are the most difficult way to express. “

“We can express in any form”


“Small gestures maybe”

Does anyone have another way of expressing themselves?


“Poetry, I never understand because there is one meaning and then another meaning and there are so many meanings and I get so confused but if we act or do a gesture then we know directly and we can understand these things.”

Does anyone like to shout or scream or cry?

“Shouting!” [laughter] …

But why is creativity associated with art and not science?

“Maybe in science it’s called invention? If you make something new it’s an invention. If you create a mood or not a product then may be its called art?”

“Creativity can be a mistake also sometimes like if you make a mistake you can create something from it.”

What words do you use for creativity?

“Shrijana” [scribe may have misheard and gotten this wrong please correct if so]

And in Newari is there a word?

“probably , but we don’t know it”

My favourite thing that I saw this week that was creative was this! These kids decided to help the police in the helicopter find the someone thought lets make an arrow! Then someone threw themselves on the ground…then they all found their position on the ground!

“Haha! Yes, I saw that on Facebook! Did they catch the criminals?”


“I think that’s creative, that’s the kind of creativity we might have.”

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