Conversation Pieces/Doodles

Suiren Shakya

I had no idea what doodle meant at first so I asked and found it was some shapes and patterns we draw when we're listening or spacing out. Sian told we had to draw while talking about meeting the researchers on Thursday and see what shapes we create, but I heard little differently and thought we have to doodle about Thursday (14th July). The first thing I remembered was Salmonella typhi and the disease associated with it. The doctors and their study indicated that young men catch these diseases easily. So I took black color and started drawing rain clouds and a guy walking in the rain with an umbrella. But how do I draw a virus? They're found in water...The rain drops and little green patches depict bacteria and water as a means of their transportation. I looked at the doodles my friends were making just to make sure I remember everything. I found out that Ayush was drawing a hand then I remembered about medications, the blood and thought DNA was good for doodling. Ragendra on the other hand was making some patterns. Those patterns were interesting hence I thought of adding circular patterns that I had prior used in my body map. I then heard the conversation between Malashree and Devashree, "they were not sure about the bacteria". Hence I thought of using some text like 'AM I TO BLAME?' on the doodle. I then drew a huge bacterium with H2O written on it. I made some other random patterns as I listened to the conversation around the room. The time was almost up, and then someone said scientists and drew one which I thought they would look like but then in reality they were different from what I thought they would be.

Ragrendra Shrestha

In the doodle I tried to portray landscape of Patan. I used different patterns such as use of lines to show altitude difference at Patan, various concrete blocks and lots of circular paths, symbol of greenery and culture at same canvas. We are always followed by WH questions (What, Where, When, Why, Where, How). The use of the text “WH” is readable directly. The background around the doodle contains shades of blue reflecting hills around valley. Similarly the jumbled up clusters around the doodle reflects concrete jungle (i.e Urbanization) and lots of paths .The discussion with the scientist left me with various WH questions. I could feel confusion building up even while we discussed about our meet with these friends. The branches and the floral round symbols express confusions and unsolved mysteries. Patan is never complete without its rich culture hence the eyes of Kumari and leaf pattern is a depiction of our culture and other life forms.

Ayushman Shrestha

To the leftmost part of the image is a hand stretching towards money. On the hand there is transmission of disease going on through infected mosquitoes on a vessel and also been treated with an injection of a medication produced to cure the disease that may be caused by those mosquitoes. This represents Dr. Amit's experience while he was on trip to UK where he saw people committing themselves to be a part of an experiment for extra money...

Devashree Niraula

The two faces at the corner symbolize the two scientists we interacted with at Patan Hospital. The lady figure at the bottom is doctor Abhilasha. The white and black background around her represents her study. She shared all her results and outcomes (white), but she did not have answers to some questions. She was really honest and clear about it (black). Dr Amit on the other hand discussed about research methods. As shown in the doodle it was a little confusing for me. The scientists from their study had confirmed that the water coming water spouts is not feasible for drinking purposes. The random red green and blue lines with some water droplets show flow of water along with different disease causing bacteria from the spouts. The lady above the blue and pink lotus symbolizes ladies from Patan. Most of the ladies shared their joyous childhood memories relating to water on the workshop organized on the 16th April. They said their childhood and teenage years were mostly blue (full of water) but later as they got married their memory is that things got dry. Lotus a symbol of water, for them is slowly drying up.

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