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Putting art of drawing into action…

Day 3 of JeeWan Jal started with creativity as usual. On this creative day, Mr. Harry Morgan, an illustrator from UK, visited our workshop. He gave us concepts and ideas about reportage which is a technique of drawing that tells the story of a picture or drawing. He showed some of his illustrations and drawings and gave his presentation regarding what drawing can actually express and gave us ideas and techniques of reportage, flowcharts and visual information mapping.

After he finished his presentation, he made us play ‘feel and draw’ game. In this game, all the project members including Sian and Megha d had to close their eyes and feel the small objects given to us. Then we had to draw those objects on a chart paper without opening our eyes. We had to pass the objects turn by turn to the people beside us and continue the game. Then in the second round, we had to do the same but by opening our eyes. We were also asked to draw a map of Patan in anyway we liked and were told to make a flowchart showing how we reached in the current point of life.

Later that afternoon, we were divided into three groups; one local participant in each group who guided us to different places of Patan. My group members were Sian, Ragendra and me. All three groups went to different places along with a sketch book, pencil and charcoal to draw the sceneries that were related to water. My group

went to Narayan Hiti and drew the pictures of stone tap and the channels of water that provided water to the local people. Then, everyone returned to the workplace, had lunch and then discussed what each group has seen and drawn.

In the evening, we completed our body maps which we had started in the previous session. Everyone’s body maps had their own story and were unique and stylish in their own way. In the end of the day, we again discussed about how we felt about the day. The day was creative, cool, and artistic .

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