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My heart is like a घुङ्रु without sound...

I never thought I could bring my emotions into a beautiful poem but session on April 27 given by one of our member Malashree and her friend Samip on “Expression of Art: Poem” opened door for those who were interested in writing poem but could not.

Our morning began with adding adjective and metaphors before our name like Daredevil Devashree or Red Runner Ragendra. We were going to experiment with our most close to heart object and I kept wondering how our object into words that too poem……complicated!! Different objects like farewell album, watch, portrait, ring, doll, inhaler, marker, heir purse and leather purse and now they had to be transformed into poem *gulps* , but our facilitator played with our brains to make it possible.

Our starting was with metaphors with object with. We made flow chart by associating that objects with 5 physical associations with its positive and negative aspects. The ingredients were ready and now they had to cook with our main ingredient My heart is a ……….. And symbolizing that mother object with another word and finally we saw a beautiful and deep poem.

The toughest journey had to be covered concentrating with 5 senses i.e. taste, sight, sound, smell, and touch. We wrote letters to Patan also with words like Empathy, Love, Care, Respect we used the power up. Finally we watched how poem aren’t just limited to papers but are expressed through stories, music and gestures like of Sarah Kay and Andreal.

Today words became sword to fight, conquer and bring peace in the world!!

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