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Hamro Maya (Our Love)

Last week we were visited my two research nurses working in the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit at Patan Hospital. We sat down with them to talk about their work, lives and water...again doodling felt like the right way to document the conversations.

The Jeewan Jal team decided that a research nurse would be a great archetype for a story. A nurse is someone ordinary, relatable, does important work and has connections with people within the community and the hospital and whose work is first and foremost about of our central themes. 'You can call her Maya!' suggested the nurses before having to head back to the hospital to continue with their work.

We have all had a go at fleshing out her life and personality...Both what she presents to the outside world and what her inner life and struggles might be. These were written on the front and the back of Maya masks...And so: Meet our many Mayas!


Maya has curly hair. She is a big fan of science articles and science journals and always is on the look out for new ones. She loves dressing up and wears a lot of purple because it's her favourite colour. She drinks copious amounts of Chiya daily. She doesn't talk much but loves socialising. She laughs a lot and loudly. She is a morning person but her busy and erratic schedule as a nurse makes it difficult for her to always wake up in the mornings. She loves writing her journal. She only watched Hindi movies with her boyfriend otherwise she primarily watches documentaries. She loves research. She loves going to galleries and museums when free but that isn't often. She lives with her younger sister in Patan.

She is worried about where her life is headed towards and wants to take a break from research and work in general to travel.

She wants to get married soon.

She was a talented dancer before she got too busy to keep up with it. She is close wither her mother and father but can't stand her extended family, therefore she hates family gatherings.


Maya is smart, bold and confident.

She is a nature lover.

She is social and extremely helpful.

She is away from her family (she came to Kathmandu to work)

Maya is very ambitious hence she chose to be a nurse.

She wanted to save people.

She wants to get married but is scared of changes.

Little things in life make her happy.

She dreams of opening a nursing school for girls who cant afford to study.

She really wants to be a researcher.



Maya is a beautiful lady who has the prettiest face, lovely eyes, sweet smile and long hair.

She is a topper of her batch in nursing college.

Many male doctors have crush on her.

She doesn't use any make-up.

She is always well dressed up and very punctual at work.

Doctors and other medical staffs prefer to work with her due to her friendly behaviour.


Maya is an only nurse in her large joint family

She has huge family pressure to marry as she is getting older.

She believes a lot in horoscopes.

She is scared that she has a “Dasha” (bad luck) so she fears a lot if any mistake can happen from her and can ruin other’s lives.

She is a cancer survivor so she knows how the patients feel and so treats patients better than the other nurses.

Anu: Maya is a loving aunt.

She is a caring person all round.

She has a lot of nieces and nephews who find her cool and fun to be with.

She loves being loved and loves making toys, painting to gain their favouritism.

Actually she can be quite needy, and is a bit of an attention seeker as well.

Still, she is compassionate and loving and could benefit a lot if she could channel her emotions into doing something creative.

Inside she is scared and confused she wishes she lived with her parents still.


Maya is a smart, gentle and lovely girl.

She is a research nurse.

As a good and responsible caretaker of patients at hospital, she needs to be polite as well as a good listener and should think critically.

She lives in Patan with her family.

Sometimes she likes to hang out with friends and have a party.

She loves to spend time with her family.

She loves her profession and is very happy and jolly to be a nurse.

But sometimes she is scared about infections in the work place.

She has fear for her patients and cares that they are cured.

She feels satisfied when her patients are cured and keeps good relations with them even outside of the hospital.

She wants to be a good researcher and top of her field.

However, whatever the situation or mood, she always has a smile on her face.


My Maya is Introverted.

She doesn't like jokes.

She is shy inside.

She is a nurse because of deep love for every living being.

Mature enough to act childish.

Tough and knows how to knock someone out.

Had a rough childhood and knows hard work always pays.

Outside she is childish, active and cheerful

Looks forward for new things.

She doesn't believe in religion.

Imagines a lot and zones out.

Always has a warm smile.

She loves, playing guitar, Ice-cream, milk, cats and running.

Of course Maya can not be all these things. Some key decisions need to be made. Is Maya single or married? Is Maya beautiful or ordinary looking? Is she sociable, semi sociable or most happy in solitude? Is she always good or a sometimes bad?

Once we have decided on our one Maya from all these Maya's we will be able to write her story...

#kathmandu #nepal #science #water #art

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