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Telling Tales...

The day started in a story creation mode. We played a storytelling game where the story proceeds in a circle and each player has to say a sentence at a time to create a story. The first story created had various moments of happiness, sadness, romance and fun built in by every other sentence. Then we added another component in a same game where, second player and after has to start sentence with, “Yes, and”. This round of game had similar enjoyment as the first round. For the third round, we changed the added component “Yes, and” to “No, but”. Surprisingly, we ended the story within 2-3 sentences unlike other rounds. We’ve learnt that we can create more, think more and develop more by supporting and leading each other’s statements, ideas and opinions.

Sian presented next storytelling game, where she gave everyone a paper which had various questions. We were asked to answer a single question at a time and fold the paper to cover the answer and pass it along in a same direction until we answered last question. Then we were asked to create a story from the paper which had answers from each of us. Every stories created from this game were unique. We figured out that the questions was the creator of the storyline and answers we put in were the components of the story such as characters, situation, scenes, actions, etc. This led us to a discussion of stories we knew.

We discussed few stories that were told by the ladies whom we met at Bikalpa Art Center few weeks ago. Followed by the stories that were told by our parents and guardians, the stories that have unsolved mysteries, ancient stories and religious stories. All of us, started doodling in a same paper discussing more. We wrote names of the books, doodled characters, divided it with its type, its sources. Then after, we discussed the stories we doodled. There were many factors for the stories to be likable, some of them were its characters, causes and consequences, science and fictions, morals, situations, different world the stories relate and many more.

Next, we decided to create a story in a group. So, we started with the components of story (narrative, situation, scene, characters, etc.) Sian also provided us a document and briefed us about the hero’s journey. We followed the chart that was in the document to create a story.

Later, two research nurses from Patan hospital arrived to Quixote’s Cove, so we paused creating our story and discussed their life-stories and their experiences as nurses. We divided into 2 doodling groups having a nurse in each group. After an hour or so of talk, our doodles were explained. We got lots of information on their character. Some of the important facts we gained were about their roles and responsibilities, pressure at work, social behaviour towards them, etc. We felt that nurses play an important role on society so we portrayed their character in a body map.

Ragendra, Suiren and I continued creating story from where it was left earlier and we decided to put a nurse as a main character (Hero or Heroine) of the story to be created. Sian helped us to keep our storyline on a track and finally we came up with a complete story about water problems and its consequences which we narrated to the rest. Everyone seemed to like the story but we three along with Sian re-arranged the story and decided to keep the ending incomplete. We decided to make these stories on series so that we can cover more problems and make it more interesting.

At the end, body map looked very nice but the story still needs to be filtered and more characters developed.

Watch this space...

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