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The rising temperature of the capital has led to increment in demand of the drinking water. But the drinking water supplied to the consumers through water tankers isn’t clean. The water tankers has been delivering undrinkable water to consumers.

Companies state that they collect fresh water from clean sources but in reality many of the tankers have been filling up with contaminated water and delivering this to the houses in the valley. Health issues have been seen in the consumers. According to consumers, expensive water from such tankers has led to skin disease. The business of water supply from tankers has been running for a while but these tankers are not registered businesses with the government. There aren’t any rules and regulations made for water tanker businesses. To bore water a licence is needed from KUKL (The Kathmandu Drinking Water Regulation Company). Discussions have been going on with the KUKL board regarding licences for water tankers. With the collaborative decisions from various sectors of government some regulations and licensing procedures is been drafted and are soon to be implemented.

A water black-market has been created in valley. The price of a water tanker has increased from Rs.800-900 per tanker before earthquake to current selling price of Rs.2500-3000 per tanker. Normally the cost of the water estimated to be Rs.400 for the tanker company. The Water tankers have been selling water to hospitals, hotels, restaurants, housing companies, etc. General public are having huge problems due to price hike and unhealthy drinking water through those water tankers.

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