Museum of Water Contributions

Some of the donations to our Museum of Water. Some had to be returned to owners and we are in conversation about where the rest of the donations might travel to next!


International Club Swimming Pool

'The international club used to be modern Indian School. I was amongst the first lot of teachers who taught at that school about 21 years ago. There wasn’t a pool in the middle of the courtyard at that time but a garden. I have special memories attached to that place where I used to hang out with other teachers and students. I was a very chilled teacher at that time. This was linked to this space. I get emotional and cry whenever I look at the pool.'


Tears from watching Mohamed Ali’s Funeral Online

'I watched Mohamed Ali’s memorial service online the day after it took place. Most of the speeches were tear jerkers but there was one speaker, a young woman, Natasha Mundkur, who spoke of how Ali helped her to imagine herself outside of the way that growing up in a racist world defined her. She quoted a line of his that inspired her ‘I am the disturbance in the sea of your complacency and I will never stop shaking your waves’. Her speech still brings me to tears when I watch it back. It was emotional, hopeful and defiant.'


My water filter bottle

'This is the water bottle I brought with me when I came to Nepal from the United Kingdom. I was told that I needed to be especially careful of the water because I don’t have built up resistance to the bacteria like many people in Kathmandu. It don’t use it so much now. Maybe I have built up resistance. There was one night at the Himalayan Outdoor festival when I was the only person with water in my tent. One friend asked if they could have some. So I handed it to him…then another friend took some and another…I was handed the bottle back with a trickle in the bottom and went to sleep upset and foolish for being so sharing. I felt a small amount of what someone feels when a resource is scarce. I woke up thirsty about three times that night.'


Well Water

'I have given well (inar) water to you. This is important to me because it reminds me of the day when we were building our house in imadole, and all of my neighbours had turbid and yellowish water from their well but luckily we got clear water from our well and at that time my parents become very happy. So this is how this water is connected to my parent’s happiness.'


Water from Goa

'This water is from Goa, India. My husband and I went to Bangalore to meet our daughter. I was very happy because it was my first time visit to Bangalore and Goa. I loved this place very much. When I see this water I feel the happiness, togetherness, fun, laughter that I shared with my family in new place. It brings back the memories of how waves of the ocean touched my feet and dragged me into the water. Those days sunbathing, playing with the waves, listening to the sound of water n seeing my family happy makes me wants to re live that moment once again. So this small portion of water is very close to my heart and it is very important to me.'

यो पानी ईन्डियाको समुद्र(गोव)को हो । म र मेरो पती मेरो छोरी लाई भेट्न बाङ्ग्लोर गएको थिए ।म पहिलो पटक बाङ्ग्लोर र गोवा गको हु । यो पानी हेर्दा मलाई म उत आफ्नो परिवार सँग अनन्द ले हासेर पानी म खेल्दै गरेको स्मरन आउछ । आफ्नो छोरी सँग बिताएक स्मरन आउछ ।उता गएर बिताएक हरेक घडीको समझना आउछ । त्यसैले यो पानी मेरो जिन्दगी म अत्यन्तै मह्त्व्पूर्ण छ ।


Hospital Drinking Water

'This water is from Patan Hospital. The hospital frequently tests it in lab. It is treated with chlorine. We store it in clean jars. It quenches our thirst. Also with this water we prepare tea and coffee in our office. Since the water is treated with chlorine, occasionally people who drink it first time complain unusual tastes. So when we do not like the smell or taste then a simple way to remedy the problem is to cool it before using.

Our coffee break, provides us opportunities with team to start up a conversation, vent frustrations and share experiences and advice is all possible because of this water. A lot of our workplace communication is done through conversations over tea or coffee, rather than formal channels. But talking to your colleagues always about work seems just materialistic so we also talk about our personal life and what we do outside of work. We talk about almost everything. We discuss the game that happened last night, children, family, travel etc. Over tea we can, take a break from what we’re doing, socialise, de-stress and seek support or advice. I feel my work is like my second home and my team like my extended family.'


Green Tea

'I drink green tea every day and have done for three years now. This is because I have a weak body. It is good to drink a cup of green tea after a heavy meal (especially fast food). If you drink it every day it helps maintain weight and can relax upset stomachs and so is good if you have gastric problems.'


Well Water

'My water changed after the Earthquake last year. I moved to Naya Basti five years ago I am never bored because I have a lot of work to do in my house. I garden and plant vegetables in my back yard. I spend most of my time there. After the earthquake, the water from my well became very dirty, it was yellowish in colour and I couldn’t use it for washing and cooking. The water even changed the colour of the soil in my garden. This is a sample of water from the well. We filter it three times before using it.'



Puja (water used in worship) Water

'This is the water from my Grandmother. She only speaks Newari and is 79 years old and is a Dyo maa (a spiritual healer). This water is the left over Jal (sacred water) from the people who came to her for guidance one morning. It was kept in a ‘Khwalcha’. Everyone comes with different problems. The bottle was given to her with Raksi (alcohol made from rice) in it from one of her visitors.'


Jelly Water Balls

'This is a collection of my jelly water balls. I collected them when I was in class three and have had them for 7 years. Now I am studying in college. These will be returned to me once the exhibition is completed.'



'I had this bottle full of snow from the height of 5200m, on the top of Larkhe pass. This was my first ever trek in the mountains and was the highest I had ever been. I even got altitude sickness. I found this bottle there. There were other frozen plastic bottles. I picked this one because I could not get the cap off the other bottles. This is the achievement, proof of success for something I did not imagine doing. This water contains my power of will.'


'This is Nila. It is blessed water from the tank and use it in offerings to the Gods.'


Machendranath Water

'This is Jal from the Machendranath Chariot (The chariot of the God of Rain pulled through the streets of Patan at the beginning of the rainy season). It is sprinkled on the people who come here to worship and to be blessed by Lord Karunamaya.'


Water from Swimming Pool in Kurintar three hours from Kathmandu.

'This pool has been open for about 23 years. The owner is Krishna Kuwar. He lives in Lalitpur. It is an old name and they kept the traditional name of the place. They say that they change the water regularly. The water is taken from the hillside. They reserve it and put in swimming pool. I swam in this water. It was fun but it’s not really the ideal location for a swimming pool there a lot of dust in it. The resort is called Dalo short for Dalima. I went there the other day for the whole day. The climate is very hot. We didn’t swim in the water that day because we saw the dust so we went somewhere else for swimming even though we were sleeping there.'


Riverfun Water

'This is water from Riverfun a resort in Gorkha. The water is purified and from the hills. They put potassium in the water and lime in it to purify it and they mix it. The drain the water into the river once they are finished with it. I swam there. It was fun. When I reached there they were mixing in chemicals and cleaning the pool then we swam there and me and my friend. I was there for 4 hours.''


Tishuli River Water


'For me this water is a saviour. I had no money to buy water and it was really hot when I was walking from Babar Mahal to New Baneshwor. ‘Marwadi Samaj’ had put free jar water. Seeing that water I felt I met God. Drinking that water made my throat chill and made me fresh.'

जेमी श्रेष्ठ मलाई यो पानी एउटा उद्धारकर्ता बन्न पुगेको हो। जब म बबरमहल हुँदै नयाँ बानेस्वर चर्को घाममा हिडि राखेको थिए मलाई एकदम प्यस लाग्यो तर म सँग पैसा नैइ थिएन। 'मर्वदी समाजले' सितैमा जरको पानी बाडी रहेको थियो, मलाई भगवान पाएे जसतै लाग्यो। यो पानीले मेरो घटी चिसो बनायो र आनन्ध दियो।


'For me this water is respect towards my customer and my staffs. After a lot of practice from my driving institution providing water makes me really happy. There is lot of scarcity in Sankhamul but still we aren’t that selfish to provide water.'

सञ्जय कार्की मलाई यो पानी मेरो ग्राहक र स्टाफ प्रति सम्मान हो। मेरो द्रिवि मा सबै जना थकितसँग अभ्यास गर्छन् र उनीहरुले पानी खाद मलाई धेरै खुशी लाग्छ। सन्खमुलमा पानीको धेरै हहकर छ यस्तो पानीको धेरै नै अमूल्य हो सबैले यस्को राम्रोसँग प्र्योग गर्नु पर्छ।


Flood Water

'One day a few weeks back we were busy painting in our workshop space in Ekantakuna when it started raining so heavily outside we couldn’t hear one another over the sound of the rain on the tin roof. We were working away when we noticed water seeping into the room from under the door. We opened the door and it was like a waterfall inside the middle of the building. Luckily we realised before our work was ruined. This is water we scooped up from the floor.'


'This is sacred water from different pilgrimages like Brindaban, Pasupatinath, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Banaras, Saibaba and many more. It’s important to the donor as according to Hindu culture if sacred water is poured on a dead body then their soul will travel to heaven easily. It is said that if anyone is ill then just by sprinkling a few drops off water they will recover. It is sacred so the donor is lending this to us for the exhibition.'

यो पानी भिन्नभिन्न तिर्थबाट जम्मा गरिएको हो जस्तै ब्रिन्दाबन. पशुपतिनाथ, केदारनाथ, काशीनाथ, बद्रिनाथ, बनारस, साइ बाबा आधी। हिन्दु धर्म अनुसार तिर्थको पानी मृत शरिरलाई पिउन दिए स्वर्गबास पाईन्छ भन्ने आशा छ साथसाथै कोहि बिरामी भए यो पानी छर्के मात्र नि निरोगी हुन्छ भन्ने आशा छ


Artist’s Water

'This water was brought from Sindhupalchowk from a teacher's training workshop. One teacher who never liked art changed her perspective about art because of the workshop. She was so interested that she was telling she was painted the whole night and the next day. She finds that using art it was it was much easier to explain things to her students plus she started to make intention to develop learning behaviour.'

यो पनि सिन्दुपल्चोकबाट ल्याईएको हो गत महिना एक शिछक समृधी कार्यशालाबाट । मेरो लागि यो पनि त्यतिबेला महत्वपूर्ण लाग्यो जबा एक जना मिसले भन्नु भयो कि पहिले उहा लाई चित्र प्रती त्यती लगाब थिएन तर हाम्रो कार्यशालापछी उहा आफै रमाउनु थल्नु भयो र भन्न्दै हुनुहुन्थ्यो कि रात भर उह ले चित्र कोर्दै बस्नु भयो ।


Rice water

'Every morning I am not allowed to leave my house until I eat my Nepali Breakfast that is Dal Bhat and Tarkari and sometime if I need to leave then the way my parents start throwing words as if I have done greatest sin ever. This water here I have collected from the process of cooking rice, which I always eager to see as if for me it’s a kind of clock because without this I cannot leave my house. Despite of it, this water is also used as local medicine if anybody is having some stomach problem.'

हरेक बिहानि म घरबात खाना नखाएसम्म निस्किन पाउदिन र कहिले काही केहि काम बस निस्किनु पर्यो भने मानौ कुनै ठुलो गल्ती गर्दै छु जस्तो भान हुने गरी शब्दहरु प्रहार हुन्छन । जस्तो सुकै भएनी मेरो लागि यो पनि एती महत्वपूर्ण छ कि एस्ले मेरो लागि एक अलार्म क्ल्क्क को काम गर्छ र सदै म परखाईमा हुन्छु कहिले मेरी आमा ले यो भात को माड फ्याली खाने तयार गर्नु हुन्छ । एस्को साथसाथै यो पानी पेट दुखेको बेल घरायसि उपचार्को लागि पनि प्रयोग गरिन्छ


'I have collected this water from my friend who is sculptor. Water is essential for various reasons but for him, he has his own attachment with water. For every step of his work he needs water such as for mixing soil, or softening clay or give shining or patterns he needs. He uses water even to save clay for longer period of time he need help of water so for him it’s really important in his own way.'

मलाई यो पानी मेरो मुर्तिकार साथी ले दिएको हो । हरेकलाई आ-आफ्नो तरिकले पानीको महत्व हुन्छ त्यस्तै उस्को लागि पनि उसको आफ्नै छ । माटो मुस्नेदेखी , नरम बनौन, तल्कौन, बुत्ता भर्न , यदिसम्म कि माटो लाई देरै दिन सम्म जोगाउँनको लागि पनि पानी को आफ्नै महत्व छ ।


Monsoon Rain

First rain of this monsoon In 2016, a year after massive earthquake, and drought, monsoon was really important for the country as most of the farmers used to really on monsoon rain for the cultivation. Though in 2016 pre monsoon was stated still monsoon begin lately after the mid of June which slowly brighten up face of farmers with some hope of smile. Usually I never used to realize of them most but this year after doing Jeewanjal project I was really concern about monsoon rain so that I could see flow of water in stone spouts, water in well and many more so this year for the first time when first rain of this monsoon was pouring down I collect some of it .

यो साल , भूकम्प पछी धेरै सुक्खा को महसुस भएको थियो र मन्सून्को बर्षाको सबै लाई प्रतिछ्य थियो धेरै जस्तो किर्शकहरु लाई त यो अति नै महत्वपूर्ण हुन्छ किनकी नेपालको प्राय सबै बाली मन्सूनको बर्षामा निर्भर हुन्छन र बर्षासँग उहाहरुको चमक बर्दै जान्छ एक नयाँ आशाको किराणा सँग । साथ्साथै यो बर्षा जब म जिवनजलबाट थुप्रै नयाँ कुराहरुको जानकारी लिदै थिए सोही समय मलाई आफैमा कौतुहल थियो कि कहिले पानी पर्छ र पाटनका सुकेका धुङे धाराहरु फेरी रसाउन थल्छन्, इनारहरुमा पानी भरिन थल्छन त्यसैले मैले पहिलो पल्ट यो बर्ष मन्सूनको परखाईमा थिए र बर्ष हुन साथ जम्मा गरे ।

25- 2

Pond water

'This is the water from a pond which I have been seeing since before two years when I got enrolled in Tribhuvan University for a masters degree. We the students had been there for water testing. At that time the water was little and murky. People don't care the water pond and its surrounding. But now, this pond has been rebuilt as a recharge pond. In monsoon season, the pond is filled with water & also it is clean. The children enjoy swimming. At this time, the water is fully covered with algae, which looks like a pleasant green mat. So, this water reminds me of college days and water related practical study sessions.'

यो पानी मैले दुई बर्ष देखि देख्दै आइरहेछु जब म मास्टर्स पढ्न सुरु गर्दै थिए। हामी कलेजबाट पानी पारिक्षणको लागि त्यहाँ जादा पानी एकदमै थोरै र फोहोर थियो। पानी छुन लायक पनि थिएन। तर अहिले यो पोखरी रिचार्ज पोखरीको रुपमा पुन:स्थापना भएको छ। अहिले मनसुन समयमा पानी टन्न र सफा हुन्छ। अनि वरपरका सबै बच्चाहरु पौडि खेलिरहेका हुन्छन्। अहिले पानी लेउले ढपक्क ढाकेको छ। त्यसैले यो पानीले मलाई मेरा ती कलेजका दिनहरु अनि पानी सम्बन्धि गरेका प्रयोगात्मक परिक्षणहरुको सम्झना दिलाउँछ।


Hiti Water

'This is the water from an ever-flowing hiti at my home. There was a three month water scarce where I live. The tap water totally stopped running in my house. I was so worried about from where to get water. I was really scared as there was not any other option in my area. This water was the only option for me. Even now in dry season, the water in this hiti flows regularly. So, this water is a symbol of patience for me.'

यो हरपल पानी बहिरहने हिटीको पानी हो। म बस्ने ठाॐमा एकचोटी ३ महिना पानी ठप्पै अाॐन छाडेको थियो। म एकदमै चिन्तित थिए। पानीको अावश्यकता परिपूर्ति गर्ने केही ॐपाय नै थिएन। त्यति बेला मेरो लागि यो पानी अमृत समान साबित भयो। त्यसैले यो पानी मेरो लागि धैर्यताको प्रतीक हो।


The last of the water from the paddy field

'The water came from a paddy field near my home. Before many the lands near my house used to be cultivated. In the month of Asar (June), paddy was cultivated and it looked so beautiful but now the lands are rapidly converted into residential areas and I fear that this might be the land of the water from the paddy field.'

यो पानी धान बारीको हो ।

पहिला मेरो घरको अगाडी धेरै धान बारी थीए । असारको महिनमा धान रोपिन्थ्यो तर अहिले त्यो जग्गाहरुमा घर बनाएरहको छ र मलाई डर छ कि यो पानी अब यो धानबारीको आन्तिम पानी होला ।


Freely given from New Baneshwor

'For me this water is a saviour. I had no money to buy water and it was really hot when I was walking from Babar Mahal to New Baneshwor. ‘Marwadi Samaj’ (An Indian group) had put free jar water out. Seeing that water I felt I met God, drinking that water made my throat chilled and made me fresh.'

जेमी श्रेष्ठ मलाई यो पानी एउटा उद्धारकर्ता बन्न पुगेको हो। जब म बबरमहल हुँदै नयाँ बानेस्वर चर्को घाममा हिडि राखेको थिए मलाई एकदम प्यस लाग्यो तर म सँग पैसा नैइ थिएन। 'मर्वदी समाजले' सितैमा जरको पानी बाडी रहेको थियो, मलाई भगवान पाएे जसतै लाग्यो। यो पानीले मेरो घटी चिसो बनायो र आनन्ध दियो।


'For me this water is respect towards my customer and my staff. After a lot of practice from my driving school providing water makes me really happy. There is lot of scarcity in Sankhamul but still we aren’t so selfish not to provide water to learners.'

सञ्जय कार्की मलाई यो पानी मेरो ग्राहक र स्टाफ प्रति सम्मान हो। मेरो द्रिवि मा सबै जना थकितसँग अभ्यास गर्छन् र उनीहरुले पानी खाद मलाई धेरै खुशी लाग्छ। सन्खमुलमा पानीको धेरै हहकर छ यस्तो पानीको धेरै नै अमूल्य हो सबैले यस्को राम्रोसँग प्र्योग गर्नु पर्छ।

31 'I am a farmer. In order to sow seeds and grow those seeds water plays a very important role. This water is my source of living in my family. For any farmer their farm is place of god and seeds are god and this water is care given to my gods. Asar 15 is day for all farmers to sow seeds and this water is from my field where seeds are being sowed. I have lots of hope from this water that my seeds would go well and I could feed my family and nation.'

मदव नेयुपने म किसान हो र बियालाई रोप्न र उम्रन पानीले धरै ठुलो भूमिका खेल छ। तेसैले यो पानी मेरो परिवारको आएस्रोतमा भूमिका खेल्छ। एक किसानल खेत भगवानको बस र बिया भगवान हो भने यो पानी भगवानलाई खुशी पर्ने मध्यम हो। असार १५ को दिन किसान को महतोपूर्ण दिन हो र यो पानी मेरो खेतको हो। मलाई यस बर्ष धेरै नै आशा छ मेरो रोपाइबाट।


Backwash from filtration in a boring system

'I do my best to save water. I use water responsibly. I am very aware of water scarcity we may have in future. Actually, we already have water shortages in dry season. But we still have access to water with a little more effort. Some of us are lucky to have water through pipelines and some are very lucky to have well next to their houses while some buy water staying in a queue to fill buckets at a cheap rate provided by the society/council. Some of us give a call to water tankers facilities and fill up their water reservoir. My water comes from a different place.

Deep-boring.. It's a one time investment and water under your land is all yours. We have deep boring water facility in our house since the well near us has dried up. It's been almost 4 years. Initially, when the deep boring was installed we had clear water. The filtration system installed made us feel very safe to use that water. It went fine for almost 2 years maybe and slowly water started to look fade or pale. Then we called the plumbers who installed the deep-boring plant.

They suggested and taught us to reverse the filtration cycle to extract the impure particles collected at filtration process. They call it "backwash". So then onwards we had to backwash every month. Since filtration system works in a closed-circuit plant, for backwash we had to change direction of water flow and open a valve through which impure particles( iron water) along with water flows out. So we've been doing that till date. But every time when we backwash we spend almost 300-500 litres of water just to clean filtration plant. So till date we may have spent hundred-thousand litres of water for just clearing out the rubbish inside filter action plant. This is the water that I must waste.

Yes, it's a waste, because it's yellow as it contains lots of iron in it and cannot/ may not be used for irrigation or any other purpose. We simply let it go to the sewage pipeline. I am sorry to waste so much of water. But, my neighbours do the same and my friends with similar deep-boring plant do same. There may be hundred thousands of houses with deep-boring system in Kathmandu valley. Maybe all/ most of them need backwash and water is wasted like I do. I wonder if we could save water that we must waste every month. We could save millions of litres of water. If you have any idea to reuse or recycle backwash water please do let us know.'


Aquarium water

'This water sample is from my aquarium. I was just 12 years old when I bought this aquarium. I bought it from a shop at Chikanmugal,ktm. I remember that my first pet fish was a goldfish. I love to keep fishes as it is my interest. Among all the fishes, my favourite one is Orinda fish. The water in the aquarium is changed once in every 3 months. Sometimes, the water becomes bubbly and I notice that the fishes are sick. I treat them by putting medicine or salt in water. This water is important as I took it out from my dear and old friend aquarium, which is the house of my fishes.'

यो मेरो अक्वारियम बाट लिएको पानी हो।म बाह्र बर्षको थिए जब मैले यो अक्वारियम किनेकोथिए।मैले चिकमुगलको एउटा पसल्मा किनेको थिए ।मैले सबैभन्दा पहिला पालेको माछा गोल्द्फिश थियो।मेरो अक्वरियम्मा विभिन्न मछा पाल्ने रहर छ।सबै माछाहरु मध्ये मेरो प्यारो माछा ओरिन्दा भन्ने हो।अक्वारियम्को पानी ३ महिनामा एकचोटी फेरने गर्छु।कहिलेकाही मैले माछाहरु बिरामी भाको फेला पार्छु र पानीम फीज आएको देख्छु।यो समस्या समाधान गर्न मैले पानीमा नून वा औषधि हालिदिन्छु।यो पानी निक्कै अनमोल छ किनकी यो मैले मेरो पुरानो मित्र अक्वरियम बाट लिएको हु।


Machendranath rain

'The day they pulled the Machendranath chariot (chariot of the rain God) the heavens opened. This is water collected from the street on that day. We had to take shelter in a nearby café it was so wet outside.'


Nuclease free PCR water

'Nuclease free PCR" water. It is the water that we use to study the genetic elements of bacteria and humans. Ironically it is "dead water" without any has been purified. How we as humans have been able to manipulate everything is really amazing...sometimes for the better and more often than not for the worse.'


'I didn’t bring any water because there was no water in the Hitis at Alkohiti. That is where I normally get my water from but now I get water from the well because there is no water in the Hiti. I contributed the story of the origins of Alkohiti instead.'



'The water comes from Saraswati Kunda in Lele. This water is special because it is the main source of water for Patan and is of high religious significance. When we drink that water every disease gets cured says the Pujariba.'


'While doing the artwork we did not have water in taps and so we had to use jar water that we bought for drinking for cleaning paint brushes.'


Tap Water

'This sample is from my home. This water is very important because my every household activities is dependent on this water. The tap water comes dirty in the beginning and is cleaner afterwards .The main source of tap water is Sundarijal. In rainy season , water comes once in 5 days and in winter, it comes once in 10 days. The tap water is stored in a tank for daily use. There is an extra underground tank for storing water. The tap water comes for 45 minutes in dry season and more than 1hour in other seasons. When there is electricity , water is extracted using machine and when there is no electricity, extraction is done using handpump. This water is used for washing, cooking, cleaning, etc purposes and dirty water that comes at the beginning is used for flushing in toilet.'

यो पानीको नमुना मेरो घरको धाराको हो।यो पानी निकै महत्त्वपूर्ण छ किनभने मेरो घरको सबै कामहरु जस्तै खाना फकाउने ,लुगा धुने, भाडा माझ्ने सबै यहि पानीबाट गरिन्छ।यो पानीको मुख्य श्रोत सुन्दरी जल हो।धाराको पानी सुरुमा पहेँलो आउन्छ र पछि सफा आउँछ।बर्सायाममा धाराको पानी ५ दिनमा एकचोटी आउछ भने जाडो महिनमा १० दिनको एक्चोटि आउँछ।यो धाराबाट आउने पानीलाई ट्यांकीमा जम्मा गरिन्छ र आपत परेको बेलाको लागि एउटा छुट्टै ट्यांकी मा पानी संकलन गरिन्छ ।यो पानी लग्भग ४५ मिनेट जति आउँछ र बदिमा १ घन्टा भन्दा बदि आउँछ।पानी तान्नको लागि मशिन प्रयोग गरिन्छ।पानी तन्ने क्रममा सुरुमा आएको पहेँलो पानी सौचालयमा प्रयोग हुन्छ।


'This is my Ganesh statue. He was given to me when I was having a difficult time at work by a friend and colleague of mine in the research unit. Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.'

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